Elegant Book Cover Fonts

The cover of your book is the first thing readers see when they are looking for something new to read. He communicates at a glance what the book is and invites them to open it and get lost inside.

So if you want your book to be a bestseller, it has to look good. This means that you need to make sure that the typography is carefully designed—and for this you need a good font. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to find one.

Below we have listed 25 of the best book covers available. We made sure to include a variety of different styles for all genres: romance, horror, fantasy, science fiction, non-fiction… name it!

So, whatever your project, you need to be able to find something suitable on this list.

What is a book cover font?

A book cover font is a title font that is included in the cover design of a book.

There are no hard and fast rules about what a book cover policy is. It can be serif or sans serif, formal or informal, modern or traditional. However, there are three characteristics that I would consider essential.:

  • It should be eye-catching
  • It should be very readable
  • It should communicate what your book is about

This last point is probably the most important. Some font ratings are better suited for certain types of books than others.

For example, novels tend to use cursive or script fonts because they look romantic and help set the right tone. Science fiction novels tend to use futuristic fonts for the same reason.

20 fonts for book covers

Okay, let’s dive into the list. Here are our 25 favorite book cover fonts.

1. Fonseca Art Deco Font – our first choice

Fonseca is an art Deco-inspired sans-serif typeface in capital letters. It is available in 8 weights and contains 345 glyphs, stylistic alternatives and special ligatures.

Why it is our first choice

The reason why Fonseca is our first choice is its versatility. The modern style and straight geometric shapes would look great on any book cover, regardless of genre. In addition, in thicker weights, it has a ton of impact and is easily readable even in small book miniatures.

2. Police Detective Book

Detective is a retro typewriter font. The letters look as if they were punched into the paper with a classic mechanical typewriter, which gives it an old-fashioned charm. This is the best font for crime novels and would work great on the covers of spy thrillers and crime novels.

3. Galaxy

Galaxy is the best book cover font for science fiction novels. Its modular geometric shapes and futuristic aesthetics make it the ideal choice for space-themed book covers. The glyphs are weighted on one side, which creates a really cool effect. It is only available in capital letters and includes both letters and numbers.

4. Futuristic Andro

Android is another good option for science fiction novel covers. We love its modern and minimalist letter shapes and its elegant curves. Aside from classic science fiction novels, it could also work well for cyberpunk-themed projects, neo-noir book covers, and even fashion designs.

5. Police Storytime

Storytime is our favorite children’s book cover font. It’s quiet, playful and welcoming—perfect for kids. It also looks like it was handwritten by a child, making young readers feel at home and engaged. The font download contains all the characters you need: A-Z, a-z, numbers and punctuation.

6. Manuel Charlie

Textbook Charlie is another good children’s book font. Again, the simple letter shapes are carefully designed to imitate children’s handwriting. It’s a little stronger and more upbeat than the Storytime font and would work great in textbooks, storybook covers, and other design projects aimed at kids.

7. Silent Creek

Silent Creek is the best font for exciting book covers. It uses an old-fashioned vintage design with imperfect edges bled with ink that give it a strange and secret edge. Silent Creek reminds me of calm waters that hide dark secrets and secret little villages —the kind of things thrillers are about.

It comes in two styles: normal and old, and contains a lot of alternatives and decorative symbols in addition to the standard glyphs. Symbols include ornate arrows, crossed keys, a skull and crossbones, and other decorative graphics that would make a great addition to your thriller book cover.

8. Raven

If you’re working on a book cover for a fantasy novel, the Raven might be the font you’re looking for. It is a vintage ornamental font with ornate decorative accents, and it is perfectly suited for the fantasy genre. It reminds me of the font used on the cover of Phillip Pullman’s the Golden Compass. It comes in 8 different styles.

9. Rise Of The Sun

Dune Rise is a fantastic free font inspired by the title text on the poster of the movie Dune—a movie based on the award-winning and best-selling epic science fiction novel. This is a great choice for science fiction novels with futuristic themes.

10. Sorrow

Heartbreak is our first choice for horror book covers. It has all the characteristics of a good horror font, with strange and chaotic letter shapes that seem to be scratched with a knife. It immediately evokes a sense of anxiety and sets the tone for an exciting book.

11. Bree Serif font for book covers

Bree Serif is another versatile font that would work well on any type of Book Cover. It is a friendly and charming font, easy-going and very readable. There isn’t much, but the simplicity is what makes it so great.

12. Stunegart

Stunegart is the best font for medieval fantasy and Gothic book covers. It is a black letter font with a design inspired by the saturated calligraphic letters that were common in the Middle Ages.

13. old

The Old is another good choice for stories set in the Middle Ages, as well as historical novels. It is very decorative, with straight lines and sharp edges reminiscent of forges, swords and ancient action.

14. Durango West

Durango Western is the perfect font for Western novels. It’s the kind of font that wouldn’t look out of place on a wanted poster. If your book is about cowboys, sheriffs, and shootings, consider it for your book cover.

15. Bring Romantic

Bring Romantic is our favorite font for romance novel covers. It is an elegant handwritten script font with delicate letterforms and elaborate slashes. It comes with many stylistic alternatives and ligatures to experiment with.

16. love letter

Love letters are another good choice for novels. This is a different script font, but it’s a bit sharper than the last one we looked at. It doesn’t take itself seriously, making it a good choice for light rom-com Book Covers.

17. Thinkerberry

Thinkerbery is the best non-fiction book cover font. It is a clean and modern serif font that keeps things neat, simple and professional. It would work well on textbooks, history books, biographies, self-help books, etc.

18. Minerva Lettertype

Minerva is a large Art Deco-inspired font that comes in two different weights and would work well on any type of Book Cover. The geometric design is chic and elegant. It is also very readable in small sizes.

19. Aoki Lettertype

Aoki is a sans-serif display font with soft, rounded corners. It’s very simple, but still has a lot of visual interest and is versatile enough to work well on book covers of any genre. It is available in three styles: regular, light and in-line.

20. Headway Display Font for book covers

Headway is another simple sans-serif font with a clean and contemporary design. It would be well suited for Non-fiction book covers, but could also work well for covers of any type of book if they are tastefully incorporated into the design.

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