Popular Photoshop Actions with 3d Effects

Looking for an easy way to add a 3D look to your photos? You have come to the right place.

We have selected the best Photoshop Actions for creating 3D effects that you will find everywhere and have listed them below for you to explore.

These actions allow you to add hyper-realistic effects to your images that really make them appear in no time. Add depth of field, shadows, isometric effects and more with a single click and save hours on your workflow!

The 10 best Photoshop actions to create 3D effects

1. Conceptum-a 3D Sketch Photoshop action

This impressive Photoshop action from Profactions turns every photo into a professional technical sketch. But it’s not just any sketching action-it’s extremely detailed and retains some 3D elements to create unique and eye-catching three-dimensional artworks that play with your perspective. Use it on photos of objects for best results.

There is also a full video tutorial included in the download if you need some tips to get started!

Why it is our first choice:

Conceptum is our favorite 3D action because of its uniqueness. You can use it to make really original edits that will make you jealous of your Instagram followers.

For businesses, it is also ideal for creating unique photo edits that highlight your products with style.

2. 2-in-1 3D pop-up Sketch Photoshop action

Here is another cool 3D pencil sketch action from IndWorks. The interesting thing about this one is that it also creates a realistic pop-up effect that makes your photos look like they literally jump off the page.

This works best on high resolution portrait photography (2000px-5000px; 72/300 dpi). However, you can also use it on low-resolution objects and images —just expect sub-par results.

The download pack comes with two different styles of 3D pop-up sketches, 5 paper textures and 5 wood patterns.

The action creates 10 different color presets so you can really customize the effect and make it your own. It’s easy to use, but you can check out the video tutorial in the help file for a step-by-step guide.

3. 3D isometric Photoshop action

This isometric action creates a simpler 3D effect. You can use it to turn two-dimensional vector shapes, smart objects, texts, and layer groups into realistic 3D objects.

It is easy to customize and includes 10 extrusion sizes and 12 shadow sizes, with customizable colors, fonts, and light and shadow directions.

4. Anaglyph 3D action

Anaglyph is a 3D action that adds a retro stereoscopic 3D effect to your images. If you’ve ever seen an old 3D movie, about ten years ago, the effect should be familiar to you. It works by creating two versions of your image, shifting the angle, and covering them in two different colors: red and cyan.

After using this action, if you put on old-fashioned red/blue 3D lens glasses, you can actually see the image in 3D.

The set includes eight different actions, each of which you can easily perform with one click. It is non-destructive, so it will not replace your original image file.

5. 3D dispersion Photoshop action

Here’s another interesting 3D action to try. This gives the impression that your images disintegrate into hundreds of three-dimensional fragments, which then seem to fly away in a hypnotic effect. You can control the direction of movement of the flying particles and make them float left, right, up or down.

6. Stereoscopic 3D Effect action

This is another stereoscopic 3D effect that you can use to give your photos a stylish retro look. Like the anaglyph effect we discussed earlier, it works by covering the red and cyan versions of your image at a slightly shifted angle.

The results are very professional and it is easy to adjust the layers after performing the action if you want to change the results.

7. 3D Chrome Generator

This 3D chrome generator action will transform your flat images into hyper realistic 3D objects that look like they are covered in Chrome. And what’s really cool is that your 3D object even acts as a mirror reflecting the background environment to add realism.

It works with all layers: texts, vector shapes, Pixel layers, smart objects and folder groups. We recommend using it on your logos for best results and experimenting with different backgrounds, but it also works well on pretty much any flat object. You can adjust the effect by choosing the position, angles and direction of the lighting.

8. Gold 3D Photoshop action

Here’s another metallic 3D Photoshop action that turns your flat images into solid gold blocks. It is easy to use with one click and works with all types of layers, including vector shapes, text, dynamic objects and layer groups.

Again, we recommend you try it on your logos to get the best results and experiment with different shadow sizes and directions.

9. 3D Effect Photoshop action

This is another 3D Photoshop action that creates a stereoscopic 3D effect. Use it on your portraits to give them a retro touch.

All you need to do is open your image in Photoshop, install the action and press the play button—and you’re done. It keeps the layers organized so you can easily adjust them and the original image remains intact.

10. Isometric illustration-3D Generator

Why waste hours with a 3D engine to create your three-dimensional illustrations when you can do it with one click with this 3D generator action?

It works like magic: just create your flat illustration and play the action, and it will be transformed into a fashionable 3D isometric illustration in a matter of seconds. It works with shapes, vectors, Pixel layers, group layers, texts and smart objects.

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