Ultimate Guide to Use Wix for Sites

The Wix website building platform serves as one of the most intuitive and popular options on the market.

Yes, it’s perfect for beginners, but the big question is: Can you create a site that looks really professional?

It’s a reasonable question, as many people assume WIX doesn’t have the capabilities of a system like Squarespace or WordPress. However, with one of the beautiful Wix templates and a little elbow grease, you can develop something spectacular.

The best part is that you have hundreds of these templates to choose from. Not only that, but the drag and drop designer on the backend is so simple and intuitive that even a complete beginner can use the system.

What’s more, developers have found it to be quite effective, as you also have access to more advanced tools and coding modules.

Since many of us have seen commercials for WIX on TV, it’s fresh in our minds as one of the first places to check out when you start designing a website. However, inspiration is not always at its peak when you build your barbershop, restaurant or clothing business.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of examples of unique sites that use WIX. This way, you can come back to see what other webmasters have done with the exact same tools you use.

1. Cuts & Bruises

The Cuts & bruises barbershop uses Wix to create a design that matches their creative and unusual brand. The homepage features the logo as a hero image, with two round-shaped call-to-action buttons below.

The site has a one-page layout that shows all the important information that customers may want to know. The live chat and the shopping cart widgets use a separate color that makes them immediately visible when a new visitor lands on the page.

2. Seven Grams Of Coffee

The Seven Grams Caffe website is one of our favorite choices for cafe and restaurant websites because it offers a beautiful full-screen image that explains what the cafe is all about. When you scroll down, you will see several other modules with widescreen images and overlapping text.

This is a one-page layout with testimonials, social media buttons, and image galleries all on one page. Customers can also book catering if they wish.

3. Good Feeling

The Good Feeling Goods website has a full online store with a shopping bag icon in the upper right corner. This indicates how many products are currently in the shopping bag, so that a user can click on them at any time.

The email address sign-up form is worth mentioning for those looking for such a feature, while the blog provides images and information about the products sold.

4. Vintic

Vintique created a sophisticated and elegant website using Wix. The design is perfectly aimed at customers interested in antique and vintage – looking watches. The homepage contains a huge product photo with a centered top menu, logo and slogan.

The branding is minimalist and the aesthetic is based on smart typography and high-quality images. The Vintage website also has an online store with product pages, product photos, a shopping cart and a checkout page.

5. Two One

The Two One Studio uses an asymmetrical split screen layout which is currently one of the biggest web design trends. Other pages on the site also use split screens, vibrant colors, and a fixed header with the logo, menu, and shopping cart.

On the Contact page, you’ll find a full-width, embedded Google Map, and a stylish subscription form-all created with Wix.

6. Eat And Sleep

Eat Live Sleep is a food blog with classic French recipes. If you take a look, you will see how well Wix fits sites that need heavy graphics—for example, food blogs. The homepage shows beautiful photos and a striking full-width slider.

Eat Live Sleep also has a great recipe gallery that presents food photos in a neat image grid, complemented by an easy-to-use filter system.

7. Tobias Becs

Tobias Becs is a football freestyler, and he does a wonderful job of introducing himself with a great image. The booking button is located on the header, and when you go down a little on the home page, you will see a large video that plays as one of the modules.

Along with more videos below and plenty of footage, this is a wonderful example of how to get creative with your portfolio.

8. French Knot Studios

French Knot Studios ‘ website had everything from elegance to color, with a stunning image slideshow right from the bat to some quotes at the bottom to get people intrigued about the company.

The social media buttons are located at the top of the site, and the portfolio is structured in a way that shows information about the photos right below the thumbnails.

9. Stolen Goods

Stolen Goods is an online clothing store with a striking and creative branding. The homepage uses a vertically centered design. It has only one call-to-action, the down arrow that takes visitors directly to the online store.

The store uses a grid-based, minimalist design that puts product photos in focus. Product descriptions and prices are only visible when you click on a photo, which is a smart solution to keep customers ‘ attention.

10. Animal Music

The example of Animal Music is one of the most impressive portfolios presented, since the entire portfolio takes up most of the space on the home page. There’s not even room for text to go because you’ll go through the large thumbnails to see different message types like videos, images, and more.

I like that the social media buttons stick to the left so that people can follow you at any time.

11. Andrea Miranda

The Andrea Miranda site presents a whole store full of interesting jewelry. Most of the theme is filled with white space to keep an eye on the content, while the product pages offer drop-down menus for explaining materials, specifications, and returns.

12. Thank God it’s Monday

Thank God it’s Monday (TGIM) has a smart vertical slider on their homepage, which allows visitors to click through the content of the page. The solution is very user-friendly, as users always know their exact position on the page.

TGIM has also created an excellent portfolio with Wix, which you can find under the” work”menu. Portfolio pieces are organized in a stylish all-image grid that helps visitors spot the item they may be interested in.

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